12:11 AM

Who Wants Some Tea???

We had a tea party here in the Queen City today.

This was my favorite sign.

Everybody loves Ben Franklin. Lots of other founding fathers made "appearances" as well.

And we had some wonderful veterans show up.

And a few cute shout-outs to Sarah Palin.

"Don't tread on me" was a common theme.

I think the best estimate we had was about 3000 people turning out. It was so peaceful and fun and happy - we sang America the Beautiful and O Say Can You See, said the pledge a couple of times, and laughed a lot.

I mean, yeah, we're clearly peeved about the stimulus package and the exponentially increasing size of the government, which is trying to do all kinds of stuff the Constitution left to the states.

And about the fact that our babies and their babies will be paying for this bailout stuff.

And about the rise of Socialist policies.

But we love this country. And we love that we can gather peacefully here and say, "Hey, Raleigh! Hey, Washington! This is not ok!"