1:52 AM


it's crazy paper-writing time, so i'm snapping pics and will add them sometime, probably after i write another 40 pages but before i take four exams, two of which are supposed to be the hardest of my life. we'll see which one makes me cry first. ;)

just wanted to say hi. i know i've left unfinished business - like an argument for the authority and inerrancy of Scripture - but i'm working like a mad woman.

i'll be back.


Roger Mugs said...

Hi lauren,
just came across your blog in a google search for the lyrics of I will glory in my redeemer. I wanted them to blog about myself.
Then I liked your blog design and went to the home page to take a look at what you're writing and saw you're a student at RTS...
I am as well - at Orlando...

Welp... good luck on exams if you're not done yet - I'm subscribing to your blog.