6:10 PM

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

wonderful grace of Jesus, greater than all my sin [and that's saying something!]
how shall my tongue describe it? where shall it's praise begin?
taking away my burden, setting my spirit free
for the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches!

wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus (the matchless grace of Jesus)
deeper than the mighty rolling sea (the rolling sea)
wonderful grace all-sufficient for me (higher than the mountain, sparkling like a fountain all-sufficient grace for me, for even me)
broader than the scope of my transgressions (sing it!)
greater far than all my sin and shame (my sin and shame)
oh, magnify the precious Name of Jesus
praise His Name!

wonderful grace of Jesus, reaching to all the lost,
by it i have been pardoned, saved to the uttermost.
chains have been torn asunder, giving me liberty,
for the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me!


wonderful grace of Jesus, reaching the most defiled,
by its transforming power making him God's dear child,
purchasing peace and heaven for all eternity,
for the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me!

mysteriously got this one stuck in my head today - we learned it in elementary school, but i think it's been at least 12 years since i've heard it. what a great hymn, though!!


Arathon said...

Had it really been that long? Wow.

That song does stick in one's head, though.

It is a favorite of a lot of the kids from my church(es) up around here...pretty much any hymn 700+ in the Trinity hymnal is. I guess that's where all the Baptist hymns are, and they tend to be pretty upbeat. Sometimes ridiculously so. The adults groan each time one of them gets picked. =)

The tenor line is hard for me. Probably shouldn't be? but it is.