1:42 AM

Random Celebrity Post

before we get back to politics (which will probably be a pretty big feature on this blog in coming months), i want to post this thing i ripped out of US Weekly last fall to post and never did. i just thought it was interesting and kinda cool:

"Marsden's Fairy-Tale Marriage
"He may play a fair-tale prince in Disney's Enchanted, but is hunky actor James Marsden a real-life romantic? 'My wife [actress Lisa Linde] thinks I'm romantic if I get up with the crying baby and let her sleep in,' says Marsen, 34, who has two children, Jack, 6, and Mary, 2, with LInde. Fair enough. But what about over-the-top romance? 'Early on in the relationship, there was lots of serenading on the beach and things like that,' he says. 'But once you have kids... romance could be filling her car up with gas or making her coffee.'"

heck, i think that's romantic and i'm no mother.


Arathon said...

Funny. I've never seen Enchanted, but my friend was watching it this morning.