1:13 AM

Grace Upon Grace

i am addicted to a new sandra song (shocker) called "grace upon grace." it's on her new cd, the builder and the architect. she wrote it based on a fabulous collection of puritan prayers called the valley of vision. i am so in love with this song. here are my current favorite lines (i think they are tied for favorite right now):

"grace upon grace, every sin repaired, every void restored..." - the fall had ramifications beyond one sin nature per zygote whose daddy was descended from adam. there are ugly things now - like depression, cancer, AIDS, chicken pox, loneliness, grief, and car accidents. and even voids in our abilities are filled by Christ - not that i can swing more than a c+ in calculus, but that, well... check out the next line. it will kinda pick up here

"all that You ask Your grace will supply" - it's never like God tells us, 'gee, I'd like you to go to portugal and set up an orphanage, and I think I'll come along.' He goes before us too. what He asks of us is what He gives us the ability to obey - and the wherewithall. my Bible study last semester discussed this phenomenon, and we had a really weird example that worked. it's as though we are on a rollercoaster that is running through croquet wickets. God sets out these good deeds for us to do (the wickets) and we do them! but the thing is that we are freaking on a rollercoaster, so it's not like we just decided to do what God wanted us to out of the goodness of our hearts. it's more like our lives take the turns we take because of the ride we're on...

obviously a less than perfect analogy (disobedience, anyone have a problem with that?), but i like it and it helps me.

the passage that got us started on this was ephesians 2:10, which says this: "for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."

spring break starts TOMORROW! (can you IMAGINE the glee on my face?)