8:40 PM

Theology in Heels

hey, folks. i have no idea if anybody still checks this, but if you do.... i've started blogging regularly for the Houston Chronicle's religion site, HoustonBelief. come visit.

11:49 AM

Serious Business

Your ability to really love your enemies, to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, and to do generous good even to the ungrateful and wicked required that Christ learn obedience through what He suffered. It required Christ to die because of your natural enmity to God. It requires the Holy Spirit's power to give you a wholly new life. It requires the Father's patient hand to prune and grow you in a way of life that is otherwise impossible - even inconceivable. It requires nothing less than radical repentance, living faith, and renewal of your whole heart that you might learn how to really love. - David Powlison

1:57 PM

dear blog,

i know i haven't been around much lately. things have been crazy, what with the new job and moving 4 times in 6 months and making friends and establishing connections in a new city. and the truth is, i found someone else.

now it's not that you aren't special and awesome and everything, but twitter is just so much easier! i only have to come up with something 140 characters long to say, and it can totally be a line from a song. the level of creativity and thought required by you is just not required by twitter.

so, really, it's not you, it's me. but let's stay friends. every once in a while we can catch up. but at the moment, twitter is just meeting my felt needs more fully. you are kinda freaking me out with the intensity of your demands.

we'll always have paris,