11:54 PM


Justin Taylor has quoted a fabulous John Updike poem on this, the day of his death, about the resurrection of Christ. Check it out here.

The point made here is excellent: let us not behave condescendingly in considering the Bible's, trying to come up with crazy ways you could possibly say it's true. It either is true, or it is not true.

We are talking about this sort of thing a ton in my apologetics course right now. I will be posting a bit on presuppositionalism (which I want to marry) once the class ends on Friday. Get excited.

9:47 PM

no place like home for the doctor's visits...

i am back in dallas. in december i left charlotte for greenville, nashville, dallas, charleston, and greenville. last week i took one of those condensed classes - acts-romans, which was fabulous - and i came back to texas last night for a doctor's appointment today. hopefully this guy will figure out why i have been soooooooooooooo tired.

it's really much funner to go to the doctor's office with your mother, and not just because there are two people to remember everything.

i just finished reading Rhett Butler's People, which was fun, especially since i read Gone with the Wind this summer. as much as i enjoyed them both, i must confess i totally don't get how this is the greatest love story ever. to live a life like scarlett o'hara - or rhett butler, for that matter - would be terribly sad. the one great promise that is offered, at least on some level: there is redemption and healing at every turn of life. that is a somethign we don't hear often enough.