8:45 PM


i run faster to "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor than normal songs. yay nba!

i'm taking pastoral counseling, history of philosophy and christian thought (virtually), isaiah-malachi, and systematics I.

so i am swamped.

but being well ROCKS.

and i discovered i like riesling wine.

and expensive maple syrup isn't worth the extra dough....


Darren said...

My roommate would disagree with that last one. He loves the expensive stuff and refuses to use the cheap stuff.

Arathon said...

I really do like expensive maple syrup.

My dad took me to Toronto with him once. He bought me a pack of these small bottles of maple syrup with Canadian flags on them. I drank the stuff straight, a tiny bit at a time, for the next...year? It was awesome.

I think it was me trying to feel like I was drinking alcohol, maybe? =)