12:45 AM

I love milk.

and House. and Heroes. and Law and Order.

and i am learning to love the office.

and my knees hurt. especially the left one.


Micah J.L. said...

I love Mountain Dew.

And random posts.

And Laur's blog of randomness.

Laur said...

aww gee thanks

cousin Leslie said...

I love dark chocolate
and The Office
and swimming
and decorating TV shows
and french cuisine (except fois gras)
and dancing
and my handsome french husband
and my family including my charming cousin Lauren :-)

Laur said...

dearest cousin leslie,

i got your message, but i don't have your email address for some reason. mine is lkpjohnson @ gmail . com (minus the spaces) - email me and we can set a time to catch up!