1:10 AM

Greetings, Earthinglings

wow. i can't believe it's been 20 days since i last posted. they have been a pretty crazy 20 days, so i suppose it's justified, but holy smokes. sorry about that.

college is wrapping up pretty quickly - one more day of class for me (3 for everyone else), one ten page paper, five discussion questions, and two exams are all that stand between me and the end of the academic year. then it's off to ruf summer conference, then back for graduation and moving, then settling into charlotte before classes start on june 11. i promise to update further and talk about the kingdom as promised, but i am completely at the end of my rope and there's no way i can write more now.

so sorry for being a slacker. :)


Darren said...

No need to apoligize. The end of your undergraduate career is a fine excuse for not posting. I pray all things go well for you and you can enjoy your graduation :) And Congratulations!!

Laur said...

i just noticed that i spelled "earthlings" "earthinglings." i realllllllly am out of it these days