12:51 AM

Laden with Guilt and Full of Fears

laden with guilt and full of fears, i fly to Thee, my Lord;
and not a glimpse of hope appears but in Thy written Word.
the volumes of my Father's grace doth all my griefs assuage.
here i behold my Savior's face in every page.

this is the field where hidden lies the pearl of price unknown.
that merchant is divinely wise who makes the pearl his own.
here consecrated water flows to quench my thirst of sin.
here the fair tree of knowledge grows; no danger dwells within.

this is the judge that ends the strife where wit and reason fail,
my guide to everlasting life through all this gloomy veil.
o, may Thy counsel, mighty God, my roving feet command,
nor i forsake the happy road that leads to Thy right hand.
oh how i love this song! (can you name the movie that's from?) i am reminded of the piper article greg referenced over at his wife's blog. God speaks to us all the time today in the 21st century through His Word. when we are freaking out about the stuff of life, sometimes we need to be still and quiet, but often i've found the only way to shut up the noise of the world is to drown it out by reading scripture. i mean, we are talking about the very words of God here - the place to go when "wit and reason fail." scripture ought to guide and direct us because wit and reason DO fail, and the Word of God does not.


Darren said...

Wow! That is a great song, and so needed in my life right now. I don't know the movie, but now I want to see it :)