4:00 PM

Another Lovely Quote

this one from michael horton's putting amazing back into grace, which we are reading in our small group, is really exactly what i needed to read on this very day.

"another way of saying sanctification is 'taking the bull by the horns.' we do not wait for the Holy Spirit to perform some supernatural number on our lives: he has already done this for us! we actively pursue holiness and Christ-centeredness in our lives, recognizing that the same One who commands us to work, perservere, and obey gives us the supernatural ability to do so. just do it! you do the work; but recognize that, if the work is done, God has done it in and through you." (p. 207 in the old school edition)

what do y'all think about this? lately i've been really thinking alot about how our "working" as christians is different than the "working" of non-Christians - in the moment. do we simply trust God with and for the results of our work, which had better be miraculous gifts in my case, since everything i touch gets messed up pretty quickly? how do we treat our obligations - with rigor? and why?

i just hate trusting in myself, and it's so easy to do without realizing it.

galatians 4