11:42 PM

The Importance of Being Earnest

this is what i'm reading right now for my wilde directed reading. moral foibles aside, this guy is hysterical!
[Cecily and Algernon are discussing their engagement, which Cecily insists has been in place for nearly 3 months, though they just met today. Also to be noted is the fact that Cecily thinks that Algernon is Ernest, the scoundrel brother of her guardian. He's not.]

Algernon: Darling! And when was the engagedment actually settled?
Cecily: On the 14th of February last. Worn out by your entire ignorance of my existence, I determined to end the matter one way oor the other, and after a long struggle wiht myself I accepted you one evening in the garden. The next day I bought this little ring in your name. You see I always wear it, Ernest, and though it shows that you are sadly extravagant, still I have long ago forgiven you for that. Here in this drawer are all the little presents I have given you from time to time, neatly numbered and labelled. This is the pearl necklace you gave me on my birthday. And this is the box in which I keep all your letters. (Opens box and produces letters tied up with blue ribbon.)
Algernon: My letters! But my own sweet Cecily, I have never written you any letters.
Cecily: You need hardly remind me of that, Ernest. I remember it only too well. I grew tired of asking the postman every morning if he had a London letter for me. My health began to give way under the strain and anxiety. So I wrote your letters for you, and had them posted to me in the village by my maid. I wrote always three times a week and sometimes oftener.
and everyone wonders why i'm laughing so much...