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Great Quotes from The Wedding

"Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day." (63)

Jane: "I wanted someone who wanted to marry a wife and mother, and someone who would respect my choice." (156)

"Though I'd been the same man I'd been for the past year - a man deeply in love with his wife and trying his best to keep her - I'd made one small but significant adjustment.
"This week, I hadn't been focusing on my problems and doing my best to correct them. This week, I'd been thinking of her; I'd committed myself to helping her with family responsibilities, I'd listened with interest whenever she spoke, and everything we discussed seemed new. I'd laughed at her jokes and held her as she'd cried, apologized for my faults, and showed her the affection she both needed and deserved. In other words, I'd been the man she'd always wanted, the man I once had been, and - like an old habit rediscovered - I now understood that it was all I ever needed to do for us to begin enjoying each other's company once again." (182)

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Darren said...

That last quote reminded me of what true love is. True love isn't being made much of, it's making much of someone else. Like Piper's question: Do we feel more loved when we are made much of or when we make much of God? Being loved is being allowed to make much of that which we love. It's cool to think about how that can play out on this earth and how that's a small glimpse of how it's supposed to play out between God and us. Also, great encouragement about always presenting the gospel, even when talking about something like the facts and fiction behind the Da Vinci Code. That's always something I need to hear.